Tesselated units of crystal growth.


Crystalized Covering Bands

Since our conceptual theme was a world frozen over, salt seemed like an important material to preserve as it has ice-melting properties. However, rather than preserve it in the sense of sealing it up, this time we chemically fixed it with the Rez-n-bond to one layer of transparent plexiglass before cutting our triangle pattern (lasering through the salt and the plexiglass). The salt was a combinations of types, some dyed blued to create the subtle cool-tone gradient to further accentuate the progressive density down the length of the piece. Of all the looks, this one had the most organic design process, following angles created by our grid system and extending them until they came to natural intersections and created their own cut out sections. By leaving the salt exposed, it leave the future possibility of crystal growth and expansion.

Process Photos