How Transgender Rights Were Represented On The Runway By Juliet Evancho And Designer Clio Sage

"For Clio and her partner Quin Boucher, their line PRESERVATIONS is very political. They were intentional about creating designs for the future—thinking about what would happen if the world froze over? They believe that the necessity for preservation would supersede political drama and “fake news.” Inclusivity and diversity are necessary for the future they envision."

Teen Vogue
September 2017

Transgender Model Juliet Evancho Says Trump Just Makes Her Want To Fight Harder

"Since Trump has taken office, Evancho says that mission has become more important than ever. So when designer Clio Sage slid into her Facebook DM’s asking her to walk in the dapperQ show, she didn’t hesitate. She was fitted into one of Sage’s signature plexiglass pieces, and on Thursday she and dozens of queer models and activists were met with enthusiastic cheers."

The Cut
September 2017

New York Fashion Week's 'Largest LGBTQ Runway Show' Gets Political

"The sense of urgency around the political moment extended to the models — a mix of those who’ve walked many a runway along with queer activists and influencers in the community. For Juliet Evancho, who recently sued her school districtfor the right to use the restroom that aligns with her gender identity, it was a meeting of her interests in modeling and activism. Evancho walked for Clio Sage wearing a plexiglass shawl."

NBC News
September 2017

The Largest Showcase Of Queer Fashion Designers At NYFW Will Be A ‘R/Evolution’

"The annual show at the Brooklyn Museum has always been rooted in notions of resistance and highlighting underrepresented identities in the fashion world ― namely queer aesthetics and the lives of people of color. But this year, that idea of fashion as resistance feels more palpable than ever."

Huffington Post
September 2017

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Largest New York Fashion Week Runway Event Celebrating Queer Style

"And for their fourth New York Fashion Week show, the leading style website for masculine women and trans-identified individuals partnered with Brooklyn Museum and associate producers Colette Lee Productions to present R/Evolution—a show highlighting 10 designers whose work is rooted in notions of gender nonconformity and its intersections with race, ethnicity, and culture."

NYLON Magazine
September 2017

DapperQ Wrapes 4th Annual Brooklyn Museum NYFW Show (Exclusive Video)

"With over 1589 tickets officially sold and over 500 additional members of the press; VIPs; models; designers; stylists; volunteers; vendors; make up artists; and hair stylists, dapperQ’s 4th annual New York Fashion Week queer runway event – R/Evolution – at Brooklyn Museum was one of the most widely attended LGBTQ NYFW events in history."

September 2017

PHOTOESSAY: Building a R/Evolution With DapperQ at New York Fashion Week

"From the makeup chair to the back of the crowd, here’s what I saw. Feel the magic and maybe you’ll be inspired to put on your favorite outfit and treat your trip out into the world (or into to your kitchen; I’m not judging) today like it’s your own personal runway, as an act of revolution."

September 2017