Preservation of liquid units within individual pods.


Long Sleeve Liquid Top

Of all the materials we settled on for preservation, liquid was by far the most difficult but most intriguing. In order to contain it in a way that could be incorporated into the base triangle pattern, 3 part individual pods had to be individually built. The standard 1/32" thick laser-cut triangle unit was attached to a perimeter outline piece at 3/16" thick, and then capped with another 1/32" piece, all of which were chemically attached with Rez-n-bond. Once the three parts had been assembled into a water-tight pod, a small opening was creating by unsealing one of the joints with a syringe, and then filling the pod with 7-10 ml of gradated colors of propylene glycol, which has a much slower evaporation rate than water in case there were any air leaks. This piece is assembled out of roughly 600 individually built liquid pods to make two extra long sleeves attached to a transparent cropped body.

Process Photos