Means of carrying and dispersing results of a chemical reaction.


Off-Gassing Backpack

The closing piece of the show was our first-ever departure into the realm of special effects in the form of a dry ice / boiled alcohol chemical reaction. The piece was built around a one-way mirrored plexiglass backpack that housed the reaction and then dispersed the gas. The pack carried two internal sealed chambers that each held a combination of dry ice and warm alcohol. To get the form of the plexiglass over these chambers, a heat gun was used to soften and carefully slump it around them. Once active, the chambers were sealed and tubing that we had run out of the tops of the chambers carried the resulting gas to holes in the sides of the backpack where it formed a personal surrounding cloud. Thick felt was used for the inner surface of the backpack to protect the user from the temperature changes, and the system allowed for a roughly 3 minute gas production time.

Process Photos