An interactive set piece in the form of chemical reaction housing.


Daystar - Cube

This set piece was meant to serve two functions- to create the ambient environment for the performance, and to activate its corresponding outfit. The box itself was made out of 3/8" plexiglass, machined into 24"x24" pieces which were then laser-cut to create the edge lap joint detailing. These lap joints were inset 1/8" to expose small openings through which the gas being released inside the cube could escape. The interior of the cube held two internal chambers for dry and water, one that would off-gas into the cube and through the lap joint openings to release onto the stage, and the other with an opening that led into a 15' tube that passed outside of the box and into the outfit. In addition to this, the box was internally wired with 4 LED strips that could be wirelessly controlled to change color and brightness. The final detail to aid in carrying the cube onto the stage and incorporate a processive element to the beginning of the performance, were two poles that passed through metal registration arcs hidden behind the cube's feet. This allowed the box to be carried (while smoking) as a litter on to the stage, with the two poles removed and taken backstage after it had been placed.

Process Photos