Combining inflatable and heat reactive technologies into a dynamic wearable.


Daystar - Coat

While the coat design was informed by our triangle-based grid system, allowing the silhouette to be geometrically informed, the creation of the piece combined several new means of fabrication. Once the silhouette was broken down into 3 large panes (two sleeves and one body from the chest to the floor length back), the pattern was printed and then used as a stencil to guide soldering two layers of transparent vinyl together. The heat from the solder melted the two layers of vinyl together, not just securing them but also creating an air-tight seal. Sequential openings were organized so to allow a continuous channel through the piece. After soldering and cutting the three pieces, each was back-painted with thermochromatic pigment combined with clear gel and then quickly dried with a fan to create a cracking effect. The hems of the three pieces were hand-stitched before their assembly, with the ends of the sleeves being glue into the train of the coat to make one continuous floor-length piece. An incision was mad on the inside of the right breast of the coat where the tube from the cube was attached, inflating the breast with gas that could be seen through the transparent outer layer of vinyl. As the performance went on, the back and left breast of the coat were heated by Untitled's body, changing them to a teal color, while the rest of the coat remained purple. At the end of the poem, Untitled was able to unplug the breast of the coat, releasing the gas from the vinyl chamber as well as the hose.

Process Photos